Tying and fishing The ABU Optic Flies


With names that sounded fresh, in-your-face and downright sexy, the Optic Fly series from Swedish tackle manufacturer ABU entered the angling world like a warm summer wind in the 1960’s cold war era – and the flies are as effective today as they were back then.

Hardcover – 96 pages – 25 fly patterns – 8 full SBS – fishing tips – tying tips – history


In this book Michael Jensen trace the history of Callgirl, Streamtease, Pin-up and Playboy. The goal is to preserve a piece of Scandinavian angling history – and to give new fly fishermen and fly tiers the opportunity to experience the magic of the Optic Flies.

You will find:

• Historic update on the origin of the Optic Fly series
• Photos of all the 25 Optic Flies tied by the author
• Detailed step-by-step tying instructions on 8 flies
• Special fly tying and fly fishing tips
• 144 colour photos

Additional information

Weight 300 g

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