Woolly Sparkle Dub

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Natural wool mixed with Ice Dub. For any kind og streamers, wet flies and nymphs.

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Product Description

Long fibered dubbing material (fibre lenght up to 4 cm/1 ½ inch) made of natural wool mixed with a slight amount of flashy ice dub. The length of these fibres makes this product useful for wings and tail on leech and baitfish style flies – and for building up heads and shoulders on streamers and pike flies.

This is a soft and pliable dubbing that is perfect for all kinds of wet flies, nymphs and streamers. Very easy to dub on to the tying thread and put into a dubbing loop. Use it for leeches, baitfish, shrimps, woolly buggers, sculpins and nymphs.

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Farve - WSD

Claret Sparkle, Peacock Sparkle, UV Fluo Pink, Fiery Shrimp Orange, Ghost Shrimp Tan, Black’n’Silver, Black Widow, Campfire Redhead, Chartreuse Sparkle, Damsel in Distress, Dirty Brunette, Gold Sunset Yellow, Midnight Purple, Miss Piggy, Pink Lady, Platinium Blonde, Red UV Sparkle, Steelie Blue


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